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    srk said...

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    Anonymous said...

    My wife and I have been great fans of micro swimwear for several years.We are both in our early 50s but keep ourselves in great physical shape.During our recent vacation in Majorca my wife wore her best WickedWeasel micro bikini - the smaller the better. She prefers the micromini black suit that just barely covers her clitoris but still shows offher magnificent tan, buttocks, and breasts. She often just wears thebottom. Likewise, I go for the Koala shaft suit which literally slipson like a condom to cover just the penis and has pouch for the scrotum.I can wear the shaft suit when flaccid or with an erection for animpressive effect. We get a lot of admiring looks when we walk hand inhand down the beach and can hardly keep our hands off of each other.After a walk we return to our villa deck for more sunbathing in ourmicros and end our day with some howling orgasms. Thanks Weasel!Thanks Koala!

    Patrick said...

    There are many to by on www.the-bikini.com
    My girlfriend is really sexy with them!!


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